With its high performance cycling shoe insoles SOLESTAR has established itself in the professional cycling industry within only a few years. Today, the company is the insole supplier of choice for many professional cyclists and teams. What makes the SOLESTAR cycling insoles so innovative lies in the patented Stabilization-Delta design of their insoles that optimizes the ergonomics of the cyclist and thereby enhances the rider’s performance.

Behind the idea of an insole concept specifically designed for cycling stands the German sports scientist Oliver Elsenbach. Since 2003 he has been advising professional cyclists in areas of training plans, seat positioning, and individual orthopedic insoles. Through his specialized work, he recognized the potential for insoles that are specially customized for the best performance in cycling.


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Maximum Comfort, perfect Control

SOLESTAR NORDIC insoles optimize the foot position and stability of the foot significantly. For use in classic, skating and rollerski boots.

  • Increased stability in the xc ski boot
  • Better control over the skis
  • Improved power transfer

Solestar BLK

No Compromises

When using SOLESTAR BLK, you never compromise with the material nor the performance. SOLESTAR BLK provides you with 100% power on the pedal: with a stiff, lightweight core made of carbon. The SOLESTAR BLK has been specifically designed for the requirements in competitive cycling and triathlon.

  • High-quality carbon core for maximum stability 
  • Developed for competitive cyclists and triathletes 
  • Uncompromising stability and force transmission

6 Weeks Money Back Guarantee

Solestar Kontrol

Straight Kick to the Pedal

When SOLESTAR KONTROL is in your shoe, you immediately notice the increased stability. The rigid glass fiber core gives you a strong foothold and the necessary support. With SOLESTAR KONTROL your foot, shoe and pedal become one.

  • Rigid and load-stable glass fiber core 
  • Developed for ambitious cyclists 
  • Improved force transmission and comfort 
6 Weeks Money Back Guarantee

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